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DQ Performance Horses is a dressage training and sales operation based in Southern New Jersey. DQ Performance Horses owner and trainer Ana DiGironimo , focuses on correct training of the rider and the horse by incorporating the classical training methods with a modern twist.


As a USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal FEI rider, Ana has had the opportunity to work with the best trainers around the world including; Steffan Peters, Conrad Schumacher, Allison Brock, Lilo Fore, and Laura Graves. Ana has continued to train with Lendon Gray since 2000 and continues to work with top International trainers monthly. By having this advantage Ana has more than one approach to introduce, teach, and accomplish training. For riding over 27 years and working with all types of horses and riders makes DQ Performance Horses training work well for all riders and horses.


As a pioneer in the US for training and showing FEI ponies as a child, Ana has a strong love and desire to educate the youth about dressage. As a veteran in the show ring, with much experience and consecutive success both nationally and internationally, Ana can prepare and polish you and your equine partner to: overcome show nerves, meet your show goals, and ultimately be a champion. Ana is not the only one who holds success her clients have has multiple championships including US Dressage Finals, Dressage at Devon, East Coast Championships, National Dressage Pony Cup, GAIG Championships, BLM Championships Dressage at Lexington to name a few.

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“As a rider and trainer my ultimate goal is to achieve success by having the correct fundamentals of riding and showcasing professionalism at all times. I continue to organize events to give riders the opportunity to work with the top trainers from around the world and with time I hope to be considered a top international dressage trainer.” Give you and your partner the royal treatment and join the DQ Performance Horse Team!!"

~ Ana DiGironimo

Ana DiGironimo

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~ From the Beginning ~

Ana began riding at the age of three and has never looked back. As a child she was an active member of the Fox and Hound Pony Club based in Mullica Hill, NJ. She learned many fundamental lessons about, care, structure and the importance of teamwork. Ana was an avid rider who showcased talent  for dressage at the young age of 7. By 8 years old Ana was participating in large symposiums, clinics and USDF recognized shows. Ana and her well known pony Orion swept open classes through first level, when Ana met Lendon Gray. Ana participated in the first North East Junior Young Rider Championship, today know widely known as Lendon's Youth Dressage Festival.  As a then ten, turning eleven year old on a pony, Lendon took interest in Ana. Ana began her training with Lendon from that point on.


In 2002 Ana participated in the first ever CDI that offered FEI Pony Division, Ana and Orion won. As Ana continued to move up the levels with Orion, she also had purchased a 10 year old Cabochon/ Ramanova gelding. Ana and Cadanz made their first debut in 2004 at third level. With much polishing to do Ana, Cadanz, and Lendon would prepare for the  2005 USEF National FEI Junior Championship. The pair sparkled at USEF Championship held at Devon and walked away overall Reserve Champions with a 71.%. After Ana's large victory in Devon the pair was off to Kentucky for the first ever Dressage Seat Medal Championship 14-18.With the continued support of her family and Lendon Ana and Cadanz had yet another victory to add to their wall! The pairs achievements continued to grow under the watchful eye of Lendon and Silke Rembacz.

~ Accomplishments ~

Some of Ana's achievements include:

GAIG Champion 2000-2008 Training Level- Intermediate I

BLM Champion 2005-06 Fourth Level

FEI Juniors, and Fourth Level Musical Freestyle

Dressage Seat Medal Champion 2002 and Reserve Champion 2003

Port Jarvis FEI Pony Champion

USEF National Junior Champion 2005

Copa De Mexico Champion 2005

NAYRC Team member 2006-07

USEF Bayer Festival of Champions FEI JR’s, Yr, and Small Tour 2005-08

National Top 5 Arabian Nationals 2015

East Coast Champion Dressage SHUS 2015

Dressage at Devon 2nd place Suitable to become a dressage horse

Dressage at Devon, Arabian in Hand, Champion 2015

4th place 5 year old Materiale Class, 2015, Scores through 78% 2015

NJHAHA High Score, Third Level + Above 2016

East Coast Champion, Third Level Open 2016

Dressage at Devon Arabian in Hand, Champion 2016

Dressage at Devon, Under Saddle, 6/12 71.8%

Custom Saddlery Sweepstakes Champion 2017

National Dressage Pony Cup, Third Level Freestyle, 3rd Place 2017

National Dressage Pony Cup, Arabian in Hand, Champion 2017

Dressage at Red Tail, Grand Prix Champion 65%, 2017

GIAG Region 8 Championships, Third Level MFS, 5th Place 68.3% 2017

USDF All Breeds Awards, Third Level, 4th Place 2017

National Dressage Pony Cup, 7th Overall, Open Freestyles 73.41%

US Dressage Finals, Third Level MFS 9th Place 2017

Arabian Horse Association Legion of Supreme Honor 2017

Third Level Musical Freestyle, Scoring Through 74% 2018

CBLM Championships, Third Level Division Champion, 2018

CBLM Championships, Third Level MFS Champion, 73.33% 2018

CBLM Overall High Score Musical Freestyle Champion 2018

National Dressage Pony Cup, High Score Champion, 2018

Jovee Pony Championship, Reserve Champion, 2018

GIAG Region 1 Championships. Third Level MFS 7th/20 2018

US Dressage Finals Third Level MFS Overall 18th Nationally 2018

National Dressage Pony Cup, 5th Overall, Open Freestyles 77.739% 2018

National Dressage Pony Cup, 10th Overall, Third Level 70.551% 2018

USDF Final Year End Awards, Third Level MFS Open, 70.300% 31st Nationally 2018

**2019-Current update in progress**

 Ana and Cadanz were off to Wellington FL in 2006 with Silke Rembacz Dressage. Silke and Ana have continued to work together since! Together Silke aided Ana in achieving her silver medal, participating both 2006 & 2007 on the Region 1 NAYRC Team , among many CDI wins in the Small tour. Ana continued to ride and train through college, however showing was not a priority due to her studies. Ana was preparing for the Brentina Cup when her very special Cadanz fell ill. Ana took every avenue to help her partner, but in the end she was not able to save him after over 2 years of fighting cancer and cushings. Ana purchased a 2 year old Sinatra Song/ Furiosso mare in 2012, who she has brought up the levels and sold locally to continue to build DQ In 2016.


Ana had the opportunity to purchase her beloved partner Anna Miriah C ++/ October 2016. Together the pair has accomplished many successes showing as an Arabian pony showing in the open division. She plans to continue to develop her through Grand Prix. In addition, Ana had become the  dressage coordinator for the Fox and Hounds Pony Club based out of Mullica Hill, NJ. Ana, currently runs a successful dressage training and boarding  program based out of her own DQ Performance Horses in Swedesboro, NJ. Currently Ana has multiple FEI mounts she plans to showcase in the upcoming 2022 show season!

Ana has completed a B.A., B.S. and Masters Degree from attending both LaSalle University through 2011 and  The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey through 2012.  


“As a rider and trainer my ultimate goal is to achieve success by having the correct fundamentals of riding and showcasing professionalism at all times. I continue to organize events to give riders the opportunity to work with the top trainers from around the world and with time I hope to be considered a top international dressage trainer myself.”


Give you and your partner the royal treatment and join the DQ Performance Horse Team!! 

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